Finding solutions to problems or making life easier seems to be my job in life. It innocently started 20 years ago when a friend wanted to make a bookmark honoring her grandmother’s passing on the computer. To make a long story short, this led to my creating what is now Celebrating Life Bookmarks.

Next came all the problems my coworkers had with everyday life. Being a medical laboratory technologist, making charts to organize things was second nature. Combining that with my passion for the environment and recycling, I created a line of preprinted, write-on, wipe-off checklists called Easy Minder Reusable Lists.

So the next challenge came from my father. My mother had open heart surgery with complications. My father was very concerned that if he had to call 911 and forgot to tell them all of her issues, it would hurt her. It was only natural for me to kick into fix-it mode. This was serious. Having the medical background I did, I knew what I wanted. After spending several nights online searching for the solution I had in my head or something similar, I came up empty.

So I fixed it by creating what I wanted – all her medical information in one place, separating what EMS needed from what the hospital needed but it was all there. My regular job is in a small community hospital. Since I wanted to make sure I had all the critical forms and information, I showed what I created to emergency room staff and the EMTs when I saw them. The EMT’s expressed that they would love for people to have these kits. The way I had designed it gave them critical information at a glance. This enabled them to give better, safer treatment and made it much easier and quicker to transport.

Since the initial Emergency Medical Info Kit was designed, it has been vetted by over 100 EMT’s, board of health directors and emergency room staff. The EMI Kits have been through 5 revisions based on their suggestions.


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