According to an article in McKesson’s Better Thinking for Better Health newsletter, “Studies show that people with chronic conditions follow their medication regimens, as prescribed, only 50-60 percent of the time. Depending on the group being studied, as many as 69 percent of medication-related hospital admissions and 40 percent of nursing home admissions in the U.S. are due to non-adherence.

This article explains why knowing the what, why, how, how much and when of taking your medicine is so important. To lessen the stress of taking your medicines properly we created several different medication management charts and monitoring logs.

Weekly Medicine Minders

2 Different Formats
By Medication
6 or 10 medications

By Time
12 or 26 time slot chart

Weekly Med Kit with
2 detachable pill boxes

Glucose Monitoring Logs

3 charts for different ways to
monitor your sugar
and track monthly

After Meals Monitoring Log

Before and After Meals Log

Glucose and Insulin Log

Blood Pressure Monitoring Log

Track monthly

Date, Time, Blood Pressure,
Pulse, Weight and comments

2 formats
paper and reusable

Disclaimer: All paper, chart and/or electronic formats and information are provided for the sole convenience of the user. HD Merrimack makes no warranties or representations about the product or the supplied forms. There may be state specific and physician signed forms the user needs to obtain, not included in the information provided. The forms provided are guidelines only. The user assumes all responsibility for use of this product, including all information the user puts on the forms and the accuracy of said information as well as any documents inserted/not inserted in this product.