The EASIEST way to fill your pill box and use the
Weekly Medication Chart information





  1. Line all the pill bottles up.
    2.  Pick up the first bottle and write down the name of the medication and  time to be
    taken on a small piece of paper, one time per paper.  Put in front of bottle.
    3.  Repeat step 2 for all bottles.
    4.  Now that you can see the times.  Put the papers in order from the earliest time to the
    latest time the medication is to be taken.
    5.  With the Black marker write the first medication on chart.  Fill in time and refer to
    prescription bottle for all other information.
    6.  Do the same in order of time for the rest of the bottles.

EASIEST way to fill your pill boxes

  1. Pick up each prescription bottle and take out a dose of medication.  As you put it in the
    correct day of the pill box, mark the chart for that day and time with the red marker.
    2.  Do for each prescription until all the boxes are marked off on the chart.
    3.  Once completed, wipe all the red markers off with a damp cloth.  All the information in
    black stays.
    4.  Now you are ready to start using the chart to track taking your medications.

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