Diabetic Meal Planner


Plan what kinds of food you should eat
Learn how to design a balanced eating plan
Record what you eat
Resources for recipes & diabetes information
Reusable – wipes off with rubbing alcohol

How to use the Diabetic Meal Planner

In the upper right corner is a chart to guide you to the types of foods ( i.e. starch, protein, etc.) needed for the amount of carbohydrates you need to eat daily. Record the amount of carbohydrates/grams and also the amount of each type of food you should have each day in the column on the left. As you plan your meals, write down the foods you are eating and the number of carbohydrates and grams. Total at the end of the day.

The reverse side has charts showing the carbohydrate and calorie values for foods in all the various categories. There are also resources for calorie and diabetes information as well as recipes.

Laminated, durable, reusable
Comes with alcohol based marker to wipe off and reuse



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